Educational Services

In our courses, we drive our students to be able to be self-supporting/self-sufficient through advanced educational psychology teachings. We also have online classes for adults and individuals. These courses are given by our experienced mentors who implement corporate-level strategy and are affiliated with the Forex community on daily basis. They will provide you with all the necessary guide.
Here is a brief introduction to our forex trading course,
We will provide you with the basic to advance knowledge about forex.
We will provide you with financial consultancy
There will be seminars webinars and recorded videos provided by our
special team.
We will provide you with one-on-one mentorship.
Physical boot camps will also be conducted throughout your session.
We will provide you with demo and live accounts too as per requirement.
After the course ends
You will have all the required information about the targeted market.
You will be self-sufficient and independent.
You will be provided with the necessary professional advice along your
Our program will be viable for you, anywhere you are you can get all the
information you’d need.

Incubator Services

The purpose of our incubator services is to provide our clients with
Access to the market resources
Provide business skills training
Help them with network opportunities
Provide Management and mentoring
Consultation with our experts

Community Groups

Trend vest is a financial consultant company which provides you with all sort of
help you need in the trading market. In our community group we will share with
you the success stories of community admins and founders, their experiences in
the market. We will provide you with ways to grow and engage alongside with
active discussions on proven growth.



Simple pricing. Great products.


3999 Monthly
  • International certification in Forex Trading​
  • Basic 10+ Educational Videos
  • Market overview
  • Brokerage Knowledge
  • Daily Trading Signals


8999 Monthly
  • International certification in Forex Trading​
  • Basic 20+ Educational Videos
  • Access to Live sessions with experts
  • Daily Live Trading Signals
  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis


24500 Yearly
  • International certification in Forex Trading​
  • Expert Education in Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  • 1v1 Mentorship of 5+yrs experience as educator
  • All Including Premium package services.
  • 1 Year Access

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